Strong and resourceful women who’s paths are strewn with obstacles



Women of all ages and origins
Women of all ages, half of which are over 51. A quarter of them are immigrants.

A collection of social constraints
Poverty is a common struggle for all of them.
Whether it is past or ongoing, physical and psychological violence is an issue for 86% of them.

Due to the circumstances of leading difficult lives, they deal with the following problems:

mental health
physical health
addictions to drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals
have a criminal record
addictions to gambling
Every year, over half of the women sheltered are staying at Auberge Madeleine for the first time.


The workers at the Auberge get involved daily in order to support every women in their desire to get out of their current situation; this desire is very real, but is often met with multiple obstacles and constraints.

Both individual intervention and collective intervention are integral parts of the work done at the shelter. Each woman receives the attention they deserve from the workers, who welcome them in their time of crisis or distress. The workers support and help the residents with any of their undertakings. Most important is the fact that the workers recognize the residents as experts identifying their own needs and objectives.

In 2018-2019, 241 women were sheltered. Occupancy rate of 94% even though the repairs; 7379 refusals due to no vacancies!

The goal of the accompaniment services is to support the undertakings of more vulnerable women when dealing with healthcare and social services, income, living environment, long term shelter stays or apartment rental, immigration services and judicial services.

In 2018-2019, 97 resident were assisted through 206 accompaniments.



For the women who have stayed at Auberge, this service provides them with information and references. It gives them the opportunity to call the counselors or to come for a visit to share a meal, to receive food donations or to participate in workshops. The Auberge Madeleine in an important part of their social network, and is in many ways a foothold to them.

In 2018-2019, 268 ex-residents used this service. 2618 calls to our counselors and 379 visits at Auberge Madeleine.



A specific program addressing women experiencing a homeless situation for the first time. In the interest of acting upon the uphill struggle to avoid this becoming a prolonged situation, which is difficult to reverse, the support offered is focused and flexible, and certainly intensive if need be.

This program is possible through the support of la Caisse Desjardins du Quartier-Latin de Montréal


In action

Group Activities

Creating both development and contact opportunities

Housing search workshop
Every week, residents share the difficult experience of looking for housing in Montreal, scouring through the classifieds and learning to master online research! They make estimates of their budget and develop homeowner strategies. It can be quite a challenge finding a place to call ones own…finding an affordable place is even harder!

In 2018-2019, there were 59 participants, totaling 151 individual participations for the housing search workshop.

Themed activities Twice a week, meetings are held treating on different themes related to development and autonomy. Different mediums are used to engage in conversation.

In 2018-2019, 242 participations during the 52 activities.


Creative Workshops

Valuing methods of self-expression in all its shapes and forms

Painting workshops
Workshops open to all current or past residents. During these workshops, they develop their creativity and learn to recognize their strengths and talents.

The contributions from SCFP, AFPC, UNIFOR and SEPB-Québec made these art workshops possible. 



Bringing our words to the public

2012-2014 Risking the dream together
The fruit of a collective creation that brought 60 homeless women and workers of Auberge Madeleine together. Under the supervision of Claude Majeau, artist and teacher, and with the collaboration of Audrey Rainville and Mickael Lafontaine, this collective work helped facilitate the residents’ appropriation of their new space and also helped document the dreams of women having stayed or worked at Auberge Madeleine in order to make their ambitions real.

Two public events at l’Éco-Musée du Fier Monde and Dormir dehors (Sleeping outside) by l’ATSA.


2007-2010 ParCELLES
A radio program in partnership with the UQAM’s CHOQ.FM: Pensées Dehors followed by ParCELLES, the originality of which stems from the fact that the show is conceived, hosted and produced by residents and ex-residents.

The Pensées Dehors project received the UQAM’s society-justice award of recognition. The shows are archived on‘s website.

Space for our women