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In the context of 12 days of action for the elimination of violence against women, a sensitivity campaign and activities are unrolling throughout Quebec. Auberge Madeleine, a member of the Federation of shelters, is associated with these events.
Statistics are revealing:
• One woman in four is a victim of conjugal violence, or one in three if she is indigenous or
• One woman in three is a victim of sexual violence in her life
• Within the conjugal context, women compose more that 80% of victims.
• Only 22% of victims of conjugal violence and 5% of victims of sexual aggression bring official
complaints to police.
These women come from all walks of life, immigrants, indigenous, handicapped, young or old and in homeless situations. The women suffer violence because they are women.

“Faced with this curse which poisons our society, it is a fundamental matter that we act together to finally change things. It reverberates back to each of us to be concretely involved to end violence against women. The eradication of violence depends on true goodwill, both individually and collectively, but above all, politically.” Extract of a press release from FÉDÉ