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To help women as risk the LEGER FOUNDATION and l’Auberge Madeleine have partnered to launch an intensive support program for women in crisis, like Svetlana. “ Even though it was hard to be away from my children for a period of time, and to tell them what was going on, this step was a necessary part of the process. Today I feel I have the courage and strength to face anything,” she explains. Christina has been a support worker there for 10 years and has this to say about the program: “The goal of this initiative is to help women like Svetlana who are facing the imminent risk of homelessness for the first time, so they can safely extricate themselves from a crisis situation and find the resources they need to make this important life transition. To do this, intensive, regular support is required.” Christina has no doubt about the urgent need for this project and the positive impact it is already having. “As you can see in Svetlana’s case, this program empowers women with the tools they need to take charge of their life, with very positive results.”

Thanks to this partnership, close to 50 women have benefitted since January last year.