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In 1985, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 5th of December as International Volunteers’ Day (IVD) to highlight the significance of the contribution of volunteers to the economic and social development of communities. During our recent 5-7 gathering in early November, Micheline Cyr, the General Manager of Auberge Madeleine emphasized the importance of this precious resource which comes to the aid of the staff and the women.
The real life testimonies collected from the volunteers give an overview of the impact.
I had an opportunity to work alongside very devoted counsellors and mix with women with rich and unique experiences. I miss the time spent in your company. Annabelle
I thank the Auberge for having shown the strength of connections between human beings, particularly between women. After a few hours there, I knew that social service was the career path I wanted to take. Catherine
The Auberge needed Wednesday volunteers. I was there with two other women. We each had our own strengths… and due to circumstances… here I am today, responsible for volunteers with the same Annie, my colleague with whom I learned and shared, and keep on sharing again and again. Cécile
For me, the Auberge is a team, warm-hearted, humane, and full of heart. I go there with joy and pleasure. Manon
For me, the Auberge is my gang, my family. It is amongst you that I discovered myself, that I learned my strengths, that I accepted myself with my shortcomings, where I feel stronger. Annie
Stronger together… carried by solidarity… nourished by our mutual strengths… expanded by exchange…concerned with equality…happy in sharing… blooming amidst the respect. Sophie