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My first months at the head of the Auberge Madeleine allowed me to deepen my understanding of the multiple realities of women’s homelessness. For several years now, women’s homelessness has been on the rise in Montreal. These women live in many types of situations, sometimes similar to one another, and sometimes very diversified, most notably when speaking of mental health and addiction. One thing that is the same in most cases is the fact that women who live in a situation of homelessness will usually attempt to go unnoticed, so as to not be exposed to street violence, which itself feeds into their invisibility.

Cut off from their social network, away from their children or their loved ones, the holidays can prove to be a difficult time for many women. This is why the entire team at the Auberge Madeleine, itself composed of both volunteers and workers, will redouble its effort in offering soothing and comforting living spaces for sheltered women.

I would like to thank the team of workers in particular, for welcoming me with open arms. They support women in the most compassionate and devoted way day in and day out. I feel privileged to join you and to be able to contribute to bettering the living conditions of women living in or at risk for a situation of homelessness.

Mélanie Walsh, General Director